The Artist's Message


Meet Nour, In His Own Words

Dear Collectors, I am very grateful to bring my original works to you directly.

As an artist, I fell in love with colors during my early childhood, primarily because my family dealt with handicrafts.  Additionally, I grew up in a lovely town, Arrahad, which is located near a small lake in the state of Kurdufan.  I started my earliest paintings by capturing sunshine and sun sets on the lake.

I had a great encouragement from my schoolteachers to improve my art skills, and I had more encouragement by drawings for educational posters and school murals at my secondary school. I joined the College of Fine and Applied Art in Khartoum’s Graphic Department for BA degree.

I worked for Unicef for six years as education materials designer, but the job didn’t satisfy my ambition in art, so I changed my direction to the professionalism of being a full time artist in 1996.

I started with water color, and then I changed to mixed media and oil colors, because it gives more expressions than water colors.

The major inspiration for my recent art works is from field trips I made to the camps of refugees and displaced people while I was working at Unicef.  I want to say something through my art works on behalf of those victims of war and their suffering for no fault of their own.

In some of my art works under the name “African Dreams”, I make a relationship between the African figure and the Iranian art theme which combines flowers, plants, people, birds and animals to add more romance to my art works.